Wacom Connected Ink 2020: From liquid to digital ink Lecture Now Available


Wacom Connected Ink 2020: From liquid to digital ink Lecture Now Available

The presentation of the manager & lead examiner of our Institute entitled “From liquid to Digital ink” that was presentaed at Wacom’s Connected Ink 2020 Event is now available:

Niko Kalantzis

Chartoularios Institute, Greece

From liquid to digital ink

A handwritten signature is more than just a name – it’s your unique sign of commitment, intent, and integrity. As a method of authentication, handwritten signatures are accepted around the world and even have an established legal framework and forensic methodology to investigate and determine their authenticity.

Can this experience and expertise be transferred from pen and paper to a digital biometric format? And if so, what is the path towards achieving equality between the two?

Join eSignature expert Nikolaos “Niko” Kalantzis as he explores:

  • The traditional handwritten signature as a means of authentication
  • The methodology of authenticating a signature
  • The definition of a digital biometric signature and the characteristics that are captured and encoded
  • Introduction to Digitally Captured Signature (DSC) technology
  • How traditional and digital biometric signatures can be compared
  • Usage and incorporation of Digitally Captured Signature (DCS) technology within the field of forensic examination
  • The current state of forgery of Digitally Captured Signatures (DCS): progress & challenges
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