Institute of Questioned Document Studies

Chartoularios Institute of Questioned Document Studies aims at the development and contribution to the science of Forensic Handwriting & Document Examination. To that effect the Institute is cooperating with other scientific & education institutions (e.g.Staffordshire University, Canada Border Services Agency, Naif Arab University for Security Sciences ) conducting research projects, publishing studies and providing training workshops & courses.

Physical Presence Workshops:

At the moment the following courses are available depending on COVBID-19 restricitons.:

  1. 3 day training course in Digitally Captured Signature (DCS – Biometric Signature) analysis.
  2. 1 day workshop on Colour Laser Printer examination and Machine Identification Code (MIC) analysis.

Please contact us directly at for further information.

Training Webinars.

Research Projects & Collaborations:

Selected Publications:

Kalantzis N., Platt A.: Digitally Captured Signatures (Biometric signatures) and Forensic Handwriting Examination: A short introduction, , Penal Justice/Ποινική Δικαιοσύνη, ΠοινΔικ 12/2007. Year 23rd, pp 1006-1012

Heckeroth J,Kupferschmid E,DziedzicT,Kalantzis N,Cakovska BG, Fernandes C, Branco MJ, Spjuth KA, Kerkhoff A, Vaccarone P, Zimmer J, Schmidt P, Features of Digitally Captured Signatures vs. Pen and Paper Signatures: Similar or Completely Different?, Forensic Science International (2020), doi:

Geistová Čakovská B, Kalantzis N, Dziedzic T, et al. Recommendations for capturing signatures digitally to optimize their suitability for forensic handwriting examination. J Forensic Sci. 2020;00:1–5. https://doiorg/10.1111/1556-4029.14627 

Kalantzis N.: Working with Non-Original documents, Mannheimer Hefte Fur Schriftvergleichung, 3+4/18 (June 2020)

Kalantzis N., Gidogiannos L.-D.: Assisted vs. Guided Handwriting: a current approach to an old problem, Nowa Kodyfikacja Prawa Karnego, 44, 2017, Pages 121-134

Kalantzis N.: “Substrate interference in the forensic examination of inks on bank cheques via Raman spectroscopy and S.E.R.R.S.”, “Festschrift für Horst Howorka zum 80. Geburtstag – Ausgewählte Beiträge zur forensischen Urkundenuntersuchung”(Wiesbaden, 2011) [ISBN 978-3-00-034928-7]

Fieldhouse, S. J. ; Kalantzis, N. ; Platt, A.W.G. : Determination of the sequence of latent finger marks and writing or printing on white office paper,  Original Research Article, Forensic Science International, Volume 206, Issues 1–3, 20 March 2011, Pages 155-160

Kalantzis, N. : The use of the Electrostatic Detection Device (ESDA)  in forensic examination of documents, Penal Justice/Ποινική Δικαιοσύνη, ΠοινΔικ 12/2007. Year 10th, pp 1449-1454

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