Completion of the first conference of the Hellenic Association of forensic sciences “Science-Expertise-justice”


The first conference of the Hellenic Association of Forensic Sciences entitled “Science – Expertise – Justice”, which was successfully completed under the auspices of the Athens’ Bar Association and the Greek Tourism Organization (EOT).
The event was supported by 10 sponsors, 6 of which exhibited at the entrance before the Amphitheatre of the Army Museum, where the conference was held.
The presentations of all the working groups of the Association, but also the level of the interventions were very high, and the parts of the interventions/questions held fruitful dialogue with regard to the contemporary challenges of forensic science but also the problems of Greek reality.
The Laboratory of Questioned Document Studies Chartoularios P.C. was represented by Mr. Nicolaos Kalantzis, who was assigned from the organizing comite with the task of presenting the field of questioned document examination and its application in the Greek judicial system.
The full program of the conference can be found here.
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