eSignature Calibration Services

eSignature Calibration Services

eSignature Calibration Services

Chartoularios Institute is offering consultation & calibration services with respect to Digitally Captured Signature (DCS, eSignature, Biometric Signature) solutions. Our specialized staff is familiarized with various software & hardware solutions deployed worldwide and has vast experience in handling biometric data.

Services offered:

  1. Calibration of digitizer equipment.
  2. Scientific studies on the suitability of solutions (from a Forensic Handwriting Examination point of view).
  3. Composition of internal processes & S.O.P.s for eSignature usage and handling within organizations.
  4. Tailored webinar or physical training for personel (handling and examining eSignatures).

Please visit our eSignature resource page.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us:

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