73rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences


The 73rd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) was successfully completed – it took place on the 15-19 February 2021.

Chartoularios Institute was represented by Niko Kalantzis & Dr. Michael Pertsinakis, with a total of 4 presentations and a 4 hour workshop on Digitally Captured Signatures.

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Workshop W1: Niko Kalantzis: A Complete Introduction to Digitally Captured Signatures (DCS) and a Tutorial for Namirial’s Firma Certa Forensic Analysis Tool

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Presentation: Niko Kalantzis: The Use of Digitally Captured Signature (DCS) Technology in Everyday Casework
Presentation: Niko Kalantzis: Normalization and Comparability of Digitally Captured Signatures (DCS)

Presentation: Michael Pertsinakis; Niko Kalantzis: In-Air Trajectories (IATs): Applications of an Emerging Handwriting Characteristic
Presentation: Tomasz Dziedzic; Niko Kalantzis: A Best Practice Manual for Forensic Examination of Digitally Captured Signatures (DCS)
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