Complete Course on Digitally Captured Signatures (Biometric Signatures / eSignatures) Analysis


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CHARTOULARIOS INSTITUTE is offering a complete training course on the use and analysis of Digitally Captured Signatures (a.k.a. biometric signatures or eSignatures), that consists of 14 Sections. The course involves presentations of theoretical aspects of the subjects presented and a hands-on approach with practical exercises and tests.

Digitally Captured Signatures (DCS - a.k.a. biometric signatures or eSignatures) are a new technology in the field of Forensic Handwriting Examination. DCS are increasingly used throughout the world with many countries adopting electronic documents encrypted with DCS biometric data as legally binding documents equivalent to traditionally signed paper documents. Furthermore, DCS provide for the first time the expert with quantitative insight to features and characteristics of signatures (like pressure and velocity) that were previously only qualitatively approached. This new technology can help train the expert to more accurate evaluation of dynamic aspects of signature execution on paper through training on hybrid signatures (signatures executed with pen on paper but at the same time captured on a digitizer). This training course introduces the new DCS technology to the experts and familiarizes them with all aspects of hardware and software issues as well as legal aspects of such biometric documents. The methodology of examining traditional pen and paper signatures is transposed into the new information provided by the DCS technology and introduced to the experts and several practical examples will be introduced. The attendees will be trained to the use of Namirial’s Forensic software for DCS – which is the analysis software of choice - and will be able to collect and analyze DCS for casework.

The course will be designed and delivered by Mr. Nikolaos Kalantzis BSc PgD MSc FSSocDip, in a series of 14 pre-recorded lectures, coupled with some prerecorded QnA sessions for questions previously received.

  • The attendees will be sent detailed instructions (in the form of PDF) and an introductory video (youtube) with instructions on how to access the recorded lectures.
  • Access to the recorded material will be available for up to 3 months from delivery.
  • Each attendee will need to register (full name & email) so that they are given the token for accessing the lectures, as well as the attendance certificate in the end of the course.
  • For several sections of the course, access to Namirial’s Firma Certa Forensic software (for DCS analysis) is required. The attendees will receive access to a fully licensed version of the software to be able to participate to the course and assess the software for 3 months. After that period, if they wish to continue using the software, they can purchase the software directly from Namirial, otherwise it will switch to the demo version (which is still functional but with limited options).
  • A set of course files and test cases will be given to access through Namirial Firma Certa Forensic for the purposes of the course.
  • During the course, attendees will be given a set of exercises and a questionnaire to complete. A certificate of attendance and course completion will be issued by our institute after completion.
  • The language of the course & presentation material will be in English. 
Module#Module TitleDuration
1.Introduction to DCS: Terminology, what DCS is, how the data looks, legal status, forensic status.40′ + 40′ QnA
2.Different Visualizations of DCS.50’+25′ QnA
3.Software: different software used (acquisition, decryption, analysis), encryption & certificates, description of available analysis software.94’+20′ QnA
4.Namirial Firma Certa Forensic Software Tutorial – Part 1: Introduction, uses, available options.37’+15′ QnA
5.Namirial Firma Certa Forensic Software Tutorial – Part 2: Sample collection, file access.50′
6.Equipment overview Part 1: Visual feedback devices. 65′
7.Equipment overview Part 2: Hybrid solution devices.78′
8.Sample collection process: for disputed DCS, for disputed Pen & Paper signatures.65′
9.Force/Pressure capturing: the problem of pressure, the calculation of the Zeta function, compatibility, comparability & normalization – Part 1.60′
10.Force/Pressure capturing: the problem of pressure, the calculation of the Zeta function, compatibility, comparability & normalization – Part 2.60′
11.In Air Trajectories, in air movements, technology and analysis.52′
12.Methodology of analysis: based on the ENFHEX BPM V.3, Appendix 5 – with examples.56′
13.Analysis of exercises Part 1.
14.Analysis of exercises Part 2.
Course Structure: Some of the modules are coupled with recorded QnA sessions with previous questions received.


At the moment, the course is being offered for laboratories & organizations only. It is scheduled for release to individual trained experts in Autumn/Winter of 2021. If interested please email

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