2nd International Conference On Forensic Research And Toxicology


Last week mr. Niko Kalantzis presented at the 2nd International Conference on Forensic Research & Toxicology. He presented his work on the study of Digitally Captured Signatures & the Zeta Function in a presentation with the title “An in-depth exploration of Pressure measurements and Force recording factors in EMR technology digitizers”.

Also, in collaboration with Data Protection Officer Xanthippi Zotali & Clinical Psychologist Katerina Poprelka, Niko co-presented two more presentations, that can be found on the following video:

The video starts with the presentation “Data Protection and Privacy Considerations for Digitally Captured Signature Collection within a Forensic Laboratory” and then at 23:35 we continue with the presentation “Use of 3rd party EMR styli for Digitally Captured Signature execution: a study of the LAMY Al-star black EMR stylus”.

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